10-3 | Beyond the Ludic Lover


Beyond the Ludic Lover
Individual Differences in Playfulness and Love Styles in Heterosexual Relationships

René T. Proyer, Kay Brauer, Annegret Wolf, and Garry Chick


Adult playfulness contributes to well-functioning romantic relationships, claim the authors, who study the association between playfulness of several kinds (other directed, lighthearted, intellectual, whimsical) and six specific attitudes towards love they call love styles—eros, ludus, storge, pragma, mania and agape. To do so, they engaged seventy-seven heterosexual couples to rate the love styles against a checklist for playful behaviors in romantic relation-ships the authors call the Playful Love Checklist (PLC). The authors then ana-lyzed the responses for similarities and robust associations, either negative or positive, between partners for their views on playfulness in love relationships. Their findings suggest, among other things, that current conceptualizations of playfulness do not much overlap with what other researchers have called the ludic lover, and the authors’ analysis of self-ratings and partner ratings contributes to our understanding of the association between playfulness and love styles. Key words: adult playfulness; love; love styles; ludus; playfulness; romantic relationships