11-2 | Play-Based Interventions for Childhood Anxieties, Fears, and Phobias

Book Review

Play-Based Interventions for Childhood Anxieties, Fears, and Phobias

Athena A. Drewes and Charles E. Schaefer, eds.
NY: Guilford Press, 2018. Appendices, references, index. 276 pp. $29.75 paper. ISBN: 9781462534708

by Stephen P. Demanchick

First Paragraph:

The landscape of play therapy publications has grown considerably over the past ten years. Books dedicated to specific play therapy approaches, diagnoses, and contexts are readily available for students, therapists, and educators. Stalwarts of play therapy Athena Drewes and Charles Schaefer have teamed up again to edit a wonderfully informative collection of essays focused on a wide array of childhood anxieties from nightmares to posttraumatic anxieties. Drewes and Schaefer assembled a strong and diverse group of authors, including researchers from the United States, Canada, Australia, Spain, and Japan. But most importantly, as the editors suggest, this text addresses the absence of evidenced-based, play-related applications in the current literature dealing with childhood anxiety. For example, many of the authors include a clear and separate section of outcome studies related to their essays. This seems to be an essential feature that can aid clinicians in making informed treatment decisions and help them move beyond an eclectic approach to treating anxiety.