2-4 | Play Therapy for Preschool Children

Book Review

Play Therapy for Preschool Children

Charles E. Schaefer, ed.
Washington, DC: American Psychological Association, 2009. References, photographs, tables, index. 333 pp. $69.95 cloth. ISBN: 9781433805660

by Linda E. Homeyer

First Paragraph:

In Play Therapy for Preschool Children, Charles Schaefer again brings together a collection of mental-health practitioners with expertise in areas of play therapy. A long-time advocate for play therapy, Schaefer specifically addresses working with this young population. When it comes to mental-health issues, early intervention is vital. Studies that Schaefer cites indicate that 50 percent of preschool children with serious internalizing and externalizing problems will take these issues with them into elementary school and beyond. This volume addresses many of these critical mental-health problems.