3-1 | Connecting Kids to History with Museum Exhibitions

Book Review

Connecting Kids to History with Museum Exhibitions

D. Lynn McRainey and John Russick, eds.
Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press, 2010. Bibliography, index. 334 pp. $34.95 paper. isbn: 9781598743838

by Nina Simon

First Paragraph:

Despite its focused title, this book tries to accomplish a great deal. The pages cover everything from developmental learning theories to the ways people understand history to techniques for museum exhibit design. It seems to have been assembled as a single go-to volume for curators and designers who are new to working with children in history-museum settings. Unfortunately, this overambition leads to a diffuse, often redundant, and highly varied volume. There are other books to support and supplement this one, particularly pertaining to learning theories, child development, and the fundamentals of exhibition design. The authors' desire to cover everything for everyone makes for a less powerful and useful text.