3-3 | Contributors

Rebecca A. Galeano is Assistant Instructor in the School of Teacher Education at Florida State University, where she is also a coordinator of programs in Foreign Language Education and English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). She has served as a program reviewer for the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages. She has also provided training for pre-service and in-service teachers in Mexico and Peru.

Robyn M. Holmes is Professor of Psychology at Monmouth University. Her research interests range from children’s artwork and the play of special needs children to children’s social behavior during video game play and college student-athletes’ conceptions of work and play. She is the author of Fieldwork with Children and How Young Children Perceive Race and has contributed chapters to Play = Learning: How Play Motivates and Enhances Children’s Cognitive and Social-Emotional Growth, Handbook of Computer Game Studies, and several volumes in the Play & Culture Studies series. Articles by Holmes have appeared in Early Child Development and Care, American Anthropologist, and the Journal of Sport Behavior.

Knut Løndal is Associate Professor of Education and International Studies at Olso University College. He studied bodily play among children at the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences and has worked with children in physical education, sports, and outdoor life at all levels from primary school through college. His publications include “The After-School Programme: An Arena for Interaction with Others through Body Movements in Play” in Phenomenology & Practice, “Barrier-Breaking Body Movements in the After-School Programme—Children’s Imitation through Play” in Nordic Studies in Education, and “Children’s Lived Experience and Their Sense of Coherence: Bodily Play in a Norwegian Afterschool Programme” a chapter in Child Care in Practice.

Pat Power is Senior Lecturer of Digital Media and Design at London Metropolitan University. A specialist in 3-D animation, he has worked widely in both industry and academia, including a position as Academic Manager for Multimedia and Animation at the Digital Academy. His interdisciplinary research encompasses animation, emotion, play, narrative, and the synthesis of science and the arts. In articles published in Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal, he has examined expressive style in 3-D computer graphic narrative and the creative nature of character conception. Power also serves as an External Examiner at Oxford Brookes University.