4-3 | The Trouble with Play

Book Review

The Trouble with Play

Susan Grieshaber and Felicity McArdle
Maidenhead, England: Open University Press, 2010. References, indices, illustrations.144 pp. $96.00 cloth. ISBN: 9780335237906

by Lynn Cohen

First Paragraph:

While readers might assume The Trouble with Play presents an analysis of the siege on play in schools, authors Susan Grieshaber and Felicity McArdle, in fact, offer a perspective on play that departs radically from the assumed truths of early-childhood education. Early-childhood educators, influenced by developmental theory dating back to Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Friedrich Froebel, believe that play is natural, holistic, and innocent. The authors argue, instead, that play is not always innocent, fun, and natural, and they assert that it often involves social injustices.