4-4 | Des jouets et des Hommes

Book Review

Des jouets et des Hommes

Bruno Girveau and Dorothée Charles, eds.
Paris: Éditions de la Rmn-Grand Palais, 2011. Contents, illustrations, appendices, bibliography, indexes. 328 pp. $65.00 cloth. ISBN: 9782711857951

by Cleo Gougoulis

First Paragraph:

This comprehensive and extremely attractive book, written in French, comprises the companion volume to what must have been a fascinating and well-documented international exhibition on the history of toys made for Western children from antiquity to the present, with an additional glimpse of twentieth-century toys from Japan. Bearing the same title as the book and jointly organized by the Réunion des Musées Nationaux Grand Palais, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, and the Helsinki Art Museum, the exhibit Des Jouets et des Hommes (Of Toys and Men) appeared at the National Galleries of the Grand Palais in Paris, France, from September 14, 2011, to January 23, 2012, and subsequently in Helsinki, Finland, from 21 February to May 20, 2012.