4-4 | Handbook of Children and the Media

Book Review

Handbook of Children and the Media

Dorothy G. Singer and Jerome L. Singer, eds.
Los Angeles, CA: Sage Publications, 2012. Tables, charts, indexes. 803 pp. $150.00 cloth. ISBN: 978141298249

by Warren Buckleitner

First Paragraph:

"Sir, is this your bag?" The TSA agent looked serious. "Yes," I responded, surprised. As a frequent traveler, I have become adapt at moving smoothly through airport screening lines. Why was my laptop-free bag being searched? She reached in my bag and pulled out the second edition of Singer and Singer’s Handbook of Children and the Media. To my amazement, she dropped the heavy 803-page hardcover onto a stainless steel examination table and began carefully swiping the inside pages for explosive residue. She told me the thick hardcover was blocking the x-ray machine’s view of my bag’s contents.