5-3 | Contributors

Samantha Breslin is a doctoral candidate in philosophy and anthropology at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Her research explores the ethnography of computer scientists as gendered subjects. She has worked as a software developer, and she writes on the traditional music and politics of Newfoundland.

Armand D’Angour is Fellow, Tutor, and Lecturer for the Faculty of Classics at Jesus College, Oxford University. Author of The Greeks and the New: Novelty in Ancient Greek Imagination and Experience and Eureka: Lessons for Creativity and Innovation from the Ancient Greeks (forthcoming), he has also written about Greek culture for several anthologies and for such journals as Classical Quarterly, Journal of Classics Teaching, and Omnibus. D’Angour serves currently as Editor of the Jesus College Record.

Hillary N. Fouts is Associate Professor in the Department of Child and Family Studies at the University of Tennessee. Her work on child-rearing practices in diverse cultures appears in a number of anthologies and in journals such as American Anthropologist, International Journal of Psychology, Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Journal of Family Psychology, and Social Science and Medicine. Rena A. Hallam is Associate Professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Delaware. Her work on early-childhood education, early intervention, and transition services appears in technical reports, collections of essays, and journals such as Early Childhood Research Quarterly, Early Education and Development, Journal of Early Intervention, and Journal of Research in Early Childhood Education. Swapna Purandare, a recent doctoral graduate in Child and Family Studies at the University of Tennessee, has served as Adjunct Professor in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences at Ashland University. Her research interests include child development, teacher-child interactions, and gender socialization in children.

Angela Cora Garcia is Associate Professor of Global Studies and Sociology at Bentley University. She conducts research on conversation in a variety of institutional settings, including mediation, emergency phone calls, and computer-mediated communications, as well as on the ethnology of animal rescue and of leisure. She is the author of the An Introduction to Interaction: Understanding Talk in Formal and Informal Settings (forthcoming), and work she has coauthored appears in several books and in such journals as Conflict Resolution Quarterly, Discourse & Society, Health Informatics Journal, and Journal of Contemporary Ethnography. Garcia serves currently on the editorial boards of Symbolic Interaction and Language@Internet