6-3 | Service Games: The Rise and Fall of SEGA

Book Review

Service Games: The Rise and Fall of SEGA

Sam Pettus
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2012. Acknowledgements, images. 396 pp. $17.99 paper. ISBN: 9781463578473

The History of Sonic the Hedgehog

Ontario, Canada: UDON Entertainment Corp., 2012. Images, bibliography. 297 pp. $49.99 cloth. ISBN: 9781926778563

by Josh Call

First Paragraph:

By now, the typical digital gamer has become so familiar with the words “console war” that he or she scarcely bats an eye when someone invokes them. Still, in the aftermath of the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo and the ongoing struggles between console manufacturers to capture consumer dollars and loyalty, we should remember how the competition evolved over more than thirty years of video game marketing. As we rapidly approach the eighth generation of the home-console war, and current titans Sony and Microsoft vie for attention, reviewing the landscape is both interesting and illuminating. Sam Petus’s Service Games: The Rise and Fall of SEGA offer a history lesson from a former console contender about the way the world of digital games has changed.