7-3 | Mindfulness-Based Play-Family Therapy

New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 2013. Foreword, acknowledgments, appendix, bibliography, index, images. 334pp. $37.50 cloth. ISBN: 9780393708639
Stephen P. Demanchick

In the acknowledgments of Dottie Higgins-Klein’s Mindfulness-Based Play-Family Therapy, the author mentions that her book, “. . . has taken a lifetime to develop and 12 years to write”(p. xv). From the first chapter on child development and interpersonal neurobiology to subsequent chapters on intake, stages of mindfulness based family-play therapy, parent education, and a final rich and thorough case study, Higgins-Klein aptly communicates her passion for and knowledge of working with families and children in play therapy. Her depth of thinking and style of writing is accessible to both students and seasoned practitioners interested in helping those burdened by traumatic experiences.