7-3 | When Play Isn’t Fun: Helping Children Resolve Play Conflicts

St. Paul, MN: Redleaf Press, 2014. Worksheets, diagrams, charts. 87 pp. $12.95 paper. ISBN: 9781605543055
Victoria Carr

When Play Isn’t Fun: Helping Children Resolve Play Conflicts and When Play Isn’t Easy: Helping Children Enter and Sustain Play by Sandra Heidemann and Deborah Hewitt are companion workbooks for their book Play: The Pathway from Theory to Practice (2009). Both workbooks begin with a self-assessment relating to the workbook’s respective emphases. Both highlight numerous quotes from the authors’ family, friends, and colleagues collected from a play survey. They also include “Time to Reflect” boxes on the topics discussed in each chapter, a particular strength of the workbooks. Given the informal style of the writing, the content of each workbook, and the presentation of the material, I believe the most appropriate audience for these workbooks would be early-childhood educators and care givers in training. People seeking information or a good read about play as pleasurable self-directed experiences without extrinsic controls would most likely be disappointed with these reads. They are intervention texts.

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When Play Isn’t Easy: Helping Children Enter and Sustain Play
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Sandra Heidemann and Deborah Hewitt
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St. Paul, MN: Redleaf Press, 2014. Worksheets, diagrams, charts. 88 pp. $12.95 paper. ISBN: 9781605543079
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