9-2 | Essential Play Therapy Techniques: Time-Tested Approaches

Book Review

Essential Play Therapy Techniques: Time-Tested Approaches

Charles E. Schaefer and Donna Cangelosi
New York, NY: The Guilford Press. 2016. Acknowledgments, references, and index. 280 pp. $35.00 paper. ISBN: 9781462524495

by Page L. Thanasiu

First Paragraph:

Play therapists understand that children communicate best through play and, in effect, use toys as their words to express their confusion and pain as well as their joy. Play therapists not only use this form of communication with children to help them heal, but they also teach other important people in a child’s life to com-municate with the child in this special way. In this spirit, Schaefer and Cangelosi pro-vide readers with a user friendly guide of fifty-eight different techniques with count-less variations that can be applied while playing with children. The book is very well organized with interventions coming from seven broad categories that include techniques involving specific toys, meta-phors, role playing, creative arts, fantasy, and games.