9-2 | Koji Kondo’s “Super Mario Bros.” Soundtrack

Book Review

Koji Kondo’s “Super Mario Bros.” Soundtrack

Andrew Schartmann
New York, NY: Bloomsbury Academic, 2015. Foreword, preface, acknowledgments, introduction, and notes. 208 pp. $10.75 paper. ISBN: 978162898532

Sound Play: Video Games and the Musical Imagination

William Cheng
New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2014. Acknowledgments, foreword, notes, and index. 262 pp. $26.95 paper. ISBN: 9780199969968

by Matthew Thompson

First Paragraph:

Game audio has always been an integral part of game play, first attracting players to place their quarters into the coin slots of early arcade games and later not only pro-viding important game play feedback but also creating immersive environments for gaming at home. We have, however, begun the serious academic study of game audio only during the last decade or so. Andrew Schartmann’s and William Cheng’s new books make varied and welcome entries into this bourgeoning field.